About Us

Different Demeanor is a small business originated in Brooklyn, New York currently making shipments all across the United States. The brand is to be seen as something that helps women and men enhance their beauty and charm and make them feel even more comfortable in their skin.
As a child, I was the one to put on my mom’s heels, sunglasses, anything I could find. I started designing my own clothes and I wanted to be a fashion designer. That was my biggest dream. I wanted to be the person that dressed my Mom before a night out, and the one who picked out the outfit my dad would wear with his new sneakers.
Personally, I’ve been modeling since a child but i stopped around the 3rd grade. I began again in my junior year of high school and fell in love all over again. I began with a lot of promotional shoots for hair stylists, make-up artists, drink company, and fashion designers based in Brooklyn, NY. Then I began lessons with modeling and acting based in NYC. I had modeling classes taught by women of great class that were all in magazines, tv shows, and traveled the globe, including Miss USA. They inspired me to work one hundred times harder than I ever had.
All these aspects of my life, helped me create Different Demeanor. I realized my passion is not in the clothes, the durags, or the bonnets, but it’s in making people feel like the best version of themselves. There’s more to come with Different Demeanor, very very soon. Happy Shopping!